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Do you have tutors who tutor subjects other than Mathematics?

Not as this stage. We specialise in Mathematics.

How is your service different from other Maths tutoring services?

Cansu has a Bachelor in Mathematics. Her qualifications and knowledge is what sets her apart from other Maths tutoring services. It is important to ask your tutor what their qualifications are and how much Maths they have studied. There is a huge difference in qualifications between a Bachelor in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Mathematics).

What teaching style do you use?

We go through example questions, explaining the method and work through example questions. Once the student understands, we then ask the student to do a similar question to check their understanding. We then move on to harder questions and start on the next chapter once ready. When exam time is close, we can go through possible exam questions and go through past papers and/or practice exams.

How often can we meet?

We can meet as often as you need, however we find that once a week is best for most students.

Can I start right away?

Yes, you can start immediately. Please contact us to discuss your availability.

How do I begin?

Please contact us via phone, email or the enquiry page on our website.

Is 1 on 1 tutoring better than a group session?

Group tuition is certainly more cost effective. Every student is different however and we can see which style is best suited to each person. We find particularly for high school students that group tuition can often be more effective. Many students try harder when they are in a room with their peers.

Do you provide homework?

Yes, we leave the student with questions to answer before the next class.

What happens if I need to cancel a class?

We have a 6 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel 6 hours or more before the class, there is no need to pay. If you cancel with less that 6 hours notice, there is a cancellation fee of 50% of the price of the class that was booked.

Can I speak to the tutor first?

Of course. Please contact us via phone or email. We also offer a free 15 minute consultation to get things started.

What subjects and levels do you offer?

We tutor all subject and grades of high school (Yr 7 – 10 and also Yr 11 and 12 for Maths C, Maths B, Maths A, IB HL, IB SL and IB studies), as well as university level maths and primary school.

Where does the tutoring take place?

Because of our busy schedule, we are unable to travel to students homes. Our tutoring takes place in our office in Underwood, just 7 minutes from Garden City Shopping Center.

What should I bring to the tutoring session?

Please bring along your textbooks or class notes and any particular questions you would like us to go through.

If I’m doing well in my class, can tutoring help me do even better?

Absolutely. We find these are the students that excel the most, as you are driven and motivated to do well.

How long are the Maths lessons?

Group classes are 1 or 2 hours and private classes can be 60 or 90 minutes.

How do I pay?

You can either pay by cash at the start of the class or bank transfer before the class (please provide payment confirmation).