Over the past year our daughter has received tutoring from Cansu and the results have been overwhelming. As a year 7 student she has grown in confidence and now looks forward to getting exam results. Cansu's learning environment is disciplined and warm with every child feeling comfortable asking questions and sharing their challenges. As parents of a child who has always struggled with Maths, we would not hesitate in recommending A Star Maths.

Judith    November 2, 2016   

Over the last 2 years my son has received tuturing from Cansu who has provided an exceptionally high standard of teaching. Her ability to explain things clearly and succinctly has been excellent. Cansu helps her students set goals and her belief in them allows them not only to achieve their currently level of work, but to grow even further in skills and confidence. Cansu provides support within class sessions as well as via email communication and weekly free group tutorial sessions. These options have more than met our needs and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Jenny    October 30, 2016   

My son has been attending A Star Brisbane for Maths B and C for a couple of years. He has gained a lot from this experience and has spoken of the wealth of knowledge that Cansu has shown when problem solving challenging questions. He has immensely enjoyed Maths in year 11 and 12 because it has been made easy for him by attending tuition lessons with Cansu. I have also appreciated the feedback given after the lessons and the great foundation built for my son with such a strong and positive emphasis on learning.

Sudhara    October 28, 2016   

Cansu from A Star Maths Tutoring is an excellent Maths tutor. Highly recommended if you have a child struggling with math. Really knew how to explain things in a way that helps with understanding not just getting the right answer.

Nouri    October 27, 2016   

Cansu has helped me so much over the course of my study with her. I started attending private classes with her in my last semester of year 12 Maths B, and thanks to her expert guidance and (many) patient explanations, I went from an original C grade in my first exam of the year to 91% (an A grade) on my last! She works so hard to help her students and to make sure they achieve the best they can. The free tutorial time on Wednesday was very helpful, and I would definitely recommend attending if you can. Her extensive knowledge means she can always find a way to explain concepts in a way that makes sense. I could not have achieved my fantastic results without her diligence and encouragement!

Laura    November 22, 2015   

Thanks for being such a great tutor for out son. He feels pleased with his mark of (93%). This was an increase of 30 marks above what he had been achieving previously. We feel this could not have happened without the extra tutoring and I would like to thank you for the excellent teaching and dedication.

Sarah    October 12, 2014   

Cansu is a very knowledgable math specialist with a passion for mentoring and teaching. Her commitment and the ability to tailor teaching methods to suit each individuals capacity is a big advantage to her students. She is capable of breaking down complex problems into simple steps combined with her faster learning techniques and formulas makes understanding easier. She is adept in guiding students from advanced university to secondary level on broad range of math specialities, such as advanced methods to basic calculus, algebra, stats, probability and so on. My daughter was able to get into a selective school with her teaching and support. I strongly recommend Cansu for her teaching capability and techniques.

Julie    September 19, 2014   

You are the best tutor I have had. You helped me through all of year 11 and 12 with IB HL mathematics. Your knowledge is overqualified just to be a tutor. I am now in 1st of Engineering at UQ and wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn”t for your core mathematics teachings.

Chris    July 1, 2014   

I am a student in Monash Uni and learnt Calculus with Cansu for the last whole month via Skype. She is an expert in Calculus area and provide me a lot of help. I just finish my exam and feel quite confident on the exam. So, Cansu is a very good tutor to choose, really thankful to her.

Yen    April 12, 2014   

I had Cansu help me with Advanced Calculus. I felt she has a genuine interest in helping and she was patient with me and generous with her knowledge of Calculus. She is a first class Tutor and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with any maths, she is a master of maths.

Jade    September 10, 2013   

Her assistance was there in my every type of assessments. Every session finishes with clear outcomes. I wouldn’t have achieved good grades in complex and real analysis without her tutoring . Highly recommended tutor for university level mathematical courses .

Sam    June 1, 2013   

Cansu is a fantastic tutor. She has a very good style of teaching and makes things easy to understand. She’s also very patient. I would highly recommend her.

Paul    May 23, 2013   

Cansu helped me with Discrete Maths. I cracked my semester exams and scored 97%. I recommend her highly.

Toni    February 17, 2013   

Great tutor! She clearly explained me all concepts with which I struggled a lot & resolved my all queries. I finished my uni exam for this semester and very satisfied with my performance. I could not have achieved this without Cansu’s help. I will be continuing with her for my next semester as well. I would recommend her highly.

Lisa    October 4, 2012   

Cansu has been a great help to my son with IB HL maths. She explains things clearly and it is obvious that she has an in depth knowledge of the subject. She is professional and reliable and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any other students.

Jordan    August 10, 2011   

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