Cansu Olce (A Star Owner)

Ambitious Mathematician
Passionate Maths Tutor

brisbane maths tutor

Qualifications: QUT Graduate – Bachelor of Mathematics

Experience: 8 years maths tutoring including QUT access center maths tutor / assistant, prepared Mathematics Olympiads questions.

Founder of A Star Brisbane Maths Tutor.

Ranked top 1% in the university entrance exam.

Awarded full scholarship & Outstanding Maths Student.

Blue card holder (1168253/1).

I tutor because I love maths. I help my students develop enthusiasm for maths.

I have tutored a range of mathematics and statistics to university students for many years and have helped hundreds of high school and university students in achieving results well beyond their expectations.

My expertise; IB HL Maths, IB SL Maths, IB SL Studies, Maths C, Maths B, Maths A, Statistics, Statistical Modelling, Calculus,  Advanced Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Operations Research, Scientific Computation, Cryptology, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics.

I focus on developing students’ thinking and problem solving skills. Difficult concepts will be explained in simple, easily understood terms and common student misunderstandings and errors will be addressed.

Regardless of your previous achievements in mathematics, you will gain confidence with maths and move closer to achieving your goals.

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