Group Tutoring

Brisbane Maths Tutor

Group tutoring is now our most popular type of class. It increases the students confidence when they are with others that are like minded in wanting to improve their grades. Seeing how other students work is also very helpful and a group class call also increase motivation to try and work harder. They may even make some new friends as well!

There is a maximum of 4 students per class. Classes are still individually tailored for each student. While one student is busy answering their questions, the other student(s) are being taught their next section of their work. And around it goes.

Wherever we can, we try to group students doing the same course together, but this is not always possible.

Students receive the same amount of ‘teach’ as they would in a private class, the tutor is simply helping other students while you are answering your questions.


Private / 1 on 1 Tuition

Private classes offer the student a comfortable and private environment to learn in.

Lessons are individually tailored to the students needs. Lessons include explanation of new materials,  revision of previous classes material, checking of homework questions and exam/assignment help and preparation.

We take students through as many examples as possible, aiming to increase their confidence. Leading up to exams, the focus turns to questions from past papers/practice papers and the development of exam strategies.

In 2018, private classes are only available during school hours, so are mainly suitable for university students and high school students studying by distance education. All classes after school hours and on weekends are group classes.